Chris-Marine A/B

Chris-Marine A/B are manufacturers of portable air driven grinding and honing machines for the restoration of the following:

Valve Seats

Type VSL

Type MSD


Type HVG

Type BSP-3

Cylinder Liners

Honing Machine

Honing Machine

Gas and Watertight Sealing Surfaces

Type CPL

Type CPM

We also provide a selection of other Chris-Marine options with portable machine tools for in situ machining of engine frame cylinder liner landing surfaces, flame ring recess machining, piston ring wear edge removal, carbon deposit removal and valve seat recess machining, to name but a few.

The Skagerak Company can offer technical advice and assist with machine selection. Essential equipment for Shipowners, Ship Managers, Workshops and Power Stations.

If you require further information about Chris-Marine A/B, you can visit their own website at


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