The Skagerak Company are able to supply cylinder liner surface roughness measuring instruments.

The Surfmatic 150 is a pocket sized surface roughness measuring instrument ideally suited to rapid on-the-spot measurements. Improving on the original and extremely popular Surfscan 100 models, the Surfmatic 150 introduces a number of enhanced features.

Surfmatic 150

  • Surfmatic 150 is simply positioned on the cylinder liner running surface to be measured and on actuation of a push-button, the stylus scans the surface in a few seconds. The LCD display directly shows the roughness parameter Ra or Rz combined with the selected cut-off length.
  • (Ra is the universally recognised and most international parameter of roughness. It is the arithmatic mean of the absolute departures of the roughness profile from the mean line. Rz is the mean of all max. peak to valley heights from each sampling length, with the assessment length.)
  • Complies with: DIN 4768, ISO 4288.

Technical Data

Power Supply 2 x 3.6V NiCad batteries Measuring Methods Ra, Rz
Measuring Uncertainty +/- 6% of reading Measuring Range Ra 0.05 ~ 10.0um
Traverse Length 6mm Measuring Range Rz 0.10 ~ 50.0um
Setting Standard Tolerance +/- 3% of stated value Humidity < 90%
Single Measuring Section (Cut Off) 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm Stylus Diamond, tip radius 10um +/-2.5um
Total Measuring Section 1.25mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm Dimensions 125 x 73 x 26mm
Ambient Temperature (shock, transportation) -20°C ~+60°C Weight 200g


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